2019-10-12 | CDP // Different Scales in AR

Within the scope of the project, methods for the representation of different scales (M1:1 and M1:100) for AR visualizations were investigated and developed.

2018-09-07 | CDP // ENERGY

Simulation-based design in an urban context, taking into account aspects of energy and climate

2016-08-19 | Tangible Grasshopper

Seamless controll of Grasshopper 3D with tangible interfaces

2016-03-22 | Mixed-Reality Urban Design

Augmented reality, physical models, digital models

2016-02-28 | Mixed-Reality Urban Design // FIRST PROTOTYPE

Augmented reality, physical models, digital models

2015-07-16 | On-Site AR-app

The consequences of architectural planning and design decisions made in the early design phases are hard to foresee. While professionals are used to reading plans and understanding architectural models, most laypeople are not familiar with their abstractions. This can lead to misinterpretations and misunderstandings between the different participants in the design process, especially in complex building situations, and decisions can be made or rejected that can have far-reaching consequences for the remainder of the project. In this project we implemented a decision-support system for the early design and discussion stages of urban design projects, that precisely dresses this problem. The setup directly connects physical volumetric models and hand-drawn sketches with an interactive, mixed- reality visualization presented on a tablet or mobile phone, making it possible to see an interactive real- time view of an architectural design within the context of the actual site. In addition, the system is able to incorporate interactive simulations conducted on the model and presented in the AR-view.

2014-07-12 | Interactive sun and wind simulation

2013-11-10 | From Physical to Digital

Presentations and discussions between architects and clients during the early stages of design usually involve sketches, paper and models, with digital information in the form of simulations and analyses used to assess variants and underpin arguments. Laypeople, however, are not used to reading plans or models and find it difficult to relate digital representations to the real world. Immersive environments represent an alternative approach but are laborious and costly to produce, particularly in the early design phases where information and ideas are still vague. This video presents how linking analogue design tools and digital VR representation has given rise to a new interactive presentation platform that bridges the gap between analogue design methods and digital architectural presentation.

2013-01-30 | Dynamic 3D Sketching

Final Implementation of a 3D Sketching Tool. This research project investigates existing methods for 3-D reconstruction out of raw, inaccurate, and possibly incomplete hand drawings. The goal of the project is to find a procedure for fast approximation which requires a few or no additional user interventions. The reconstructed 3-D shape should retain its roughness and stay as close as possible to the original sketch.

2012-05-25 | 3D Virtuality Sketching | Final

Final Implementation for virtuality sketching. Paper-Mode, Object-Mode, Extended-Mode, 3D-Mode. Master Thesis: Violin Yanev

2011-09-16 | Prototype running...

First Combination of Simulations and Objects running.